Steinfest GmbH acts as independent sales partner for the well-known German issuing house SachsenFonds, located in Munich. As an experienced initiator of asset-based closed-end funds (CEFs), SachsenFonds currently manages approximately 55.000 units held by private and institutional investors. Since 1999 the total investment volume realized in 49 countries amounts to € 3.4 billion.

In Austria we offer SachsenFonds-issued CEFs to institutional investors, foundations, major enterprises and high-net-worth individuals in terms of private placement. The CEFs issued are entrepreneurial investments in

  • real estate
  • renewable energy parks (solar power, wind power)

Real estate CEFs comprise of investments in residential and commercial properties. The simplified structure of a closed-end fund investing in residential properties located in Berlin can be seen below.

Entrepreneurial investments in renewable energy reflect a strong signal for a changed climate policy and comply totally with the EU Energy Efficiency Action adopted in 2008 by the European Commission aimed at achieving a 20% reduction in energy consumption by 2020.
With our solar power park and wind power park CEFs we deliberately do not offer high-risk yields to our customers, but follow a conservative CEF strategy based on:

  • building renewable energy parks only in countries with high legal certainty regarding feed-in tariffs (Germany, Austria)
  • avoiding all development risks (turnkey agreement)
  • concluding full maintenance contracts with guarantees of high technical system availability
  • implementing a conservative leverage strategy